Cheap Snowboarding Destinations

There are millions of destinations in the world home to some of the most amazing mountains and cliffs the eye will ever see- views of snow-peaked tops and greenery that only a higher power could possibly create. These wondrous lands are also home to some of the best ski and snowboarding resorts and parks known to man. There are really too many to name individually but we will take a look at just a few of these destinations.


Poland is a country of exceptional taste and value. It is also a great place to vacation as the resorts and hotels are favorably priced. It helps to know that the services and people are also amazing! The city of Zakopane is a well-known place among the polish while Les Gets is favored by the French. Poland is a gorgeous and huge ski town raking in over 2 million guests a year. Zakopane has newly established high-end Spa Hotels, extravagant bowling alleys, movie theaters, hip nightclubs, amazing Ice rinks and parks, and restaurant experiences to send taste buds on a vacation of their own. By comparing the prices of Zakopane to that of other resorts, one would truly wonder if this was the best ski resort in the world.

The best ski lifts are comfortable and safe. The mountain-side refectories are known to dish up hot, fresh cuisines of locally raised lamb and pork, and the most succulent produce and bitter cheeses. With tables running about £10 per person for 3 courses and a drink, what more could someone ask for! For those beginning skiers/snowboarders out there, sessions go for about £15 per hour. Lift passes are estimated at £5-£16 for full days lasting until late.


Bulgaria is a historic home front with an astounding legacy and the oldest existing State in Europe that has still kept its original name. This is a picturesque landscape with mountainous terrain and plenty of shrubbery. It is also fast becoming an ideally-priced ski destination. The Black Sea coastline provides countless resorts and spa locations for the entire family to enjoy. Borovets is one of Bulgaria’s main ski attractions, primarily for the discounted rates being offered. Cuisines here are as affordable as those in Poland, if not cheaper. More formal dishes including wine are no more than £14, respectively.

One con to Bulgaria is that the ski areas are smaller than some of the other resorts and parks. The chairlifts, gondolas and hotels are a tad outdated- but the experience speaks for itself. Skiers and snowboarders searching for a memorable time and finely priced resort will find that Bulgaria hosts quite a few Alpine resorts definitely worth checking out.


Andorra does not come as high up on the roster as some of the other ski destinations- however, over the past 5 years this petite country has taken the time to invest over €50 million to update and enliven its resort to match that of a more established facility. Andorra sits between the nations of France and Spain. Some of the greatest skiing and snowboarding happens here, largely in the cities of Canillo, Soldeu, Arinsal & Pal. From mountain cafés to chairlifts and gondolas to car parks- everything is of the topmost quality.

The piste is deliciously coated in just the right amount of snow, making the skiing and snowboarding holiday an avid event. These changes have enabled Andorra to cater for all types of holiday. Andorra is the perfect place to shop for ski gear and simple souvenirs, as it is home to over 2000 shops. Discovering the scenery here is impossible for a tourist, as the environment seems so vast. As far as expenses go, Hotel Cervol, (located in the country’s capital) offers some of the cheapest rates which peak at around $51 USD. Recreational amenities include a sauna, spa services, an arcade/game room, and storage for ski equipment. This particular hotel even hosts a New Year’s Eve gala dinner on the 31st of December.

New Zealand

Skiing and Snowboarding in New Zealand is exclusive due to the open snowfields blanketing each resort. The lack of shrubbery leaves room for the limitless trails, glaciers and mountains waiting to be found. Tourists travel yearly to visit the many ski areas landscaping this regal country. The national park- Mt Aspiring, really stands up to its name. The city of Wanaka holds dearly to several boutique shops and cafes, as well as to the prestigious resorts of Cardrona, Treble Cone and Snow Park NZ. For those who grow bored of the average resort scenes, local skiers host club fields only found within the region of New Zealand. A famous club field worth visiting is Temple Basin, as the prices are admirable. Here one will discover towropes or surface lifts leading up to slope-side bunkhouses. Hotels, efficiencies and motels run for between $100-795 USD, some with options for breakfast and laundry services.

The wine and food of New Zealand is globally known for its tastefulness and originality. From the wines to the domestic beer, to the crayfish- the tangy and flavorful organic cuisines are an affair within themselves! The farmers’ markets and the festivals are also definitely worth attending.

There is an old quote which states that true beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In reference to these majestic countries, one could question if freedom is also in the hand of the one who grasps it?

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