Choosing the right snowboard pants

Having the right snowboard pants is necessary so you can move comfortably and do maneuvers without being restricted. Along with the snowboard jacket, they are part of the main body ensemble.

Snowboarding conditions

The conditions that you will be snowboarding in will impact on the type of pants that you should purchase. Boarding in heavy snow conditions will mean you will require a well insulated pair of pants whereas lighter snowboard pants would suit boarding in lighter and warmer conditions. Take into consideration how cold or wet the conditions are where you spend the majority of your time boarding to assist in working out how much waterproofing and insulation you require.

Wind and waterproof

Going snowboarding means going out in the open where you are exposed to the wind, cold and snow. Buy pants that are well protected from the elements to ensure you are warm and dry. Having pants that have zippered pockets will allow your stored items to be protected as well.

Good fit

The right snowboard pants should fit properly according to your size, weight and height. Consider the fact that you will most probably be wearing an item underneath the pants such as thermal underwear, so the pants should be loose enough to go over them. The pants should have elastic inner cuffs at the bottom of the pants so they can cover the top of each boot and prevent snow entering the boots.

Nice design

As with other items of clothing, snowboarding pants can have a range of styles and colours. Select one that you like the look of and suits your design sensibility. It’s probably a good idea to match the snowboard pants with your snowboard jacket so it doesn’t clash when worn together.


Feeling comfortable in your snowboard pants is important so you can enjoy snowboarding without feeling restricted. You should be able to bend, stretch and move around freely in a good pair of snowboard pants. Having vents in your pants will allow you to open them to cool yourself down should you become rather warm. Having pants that allows breathability will also allow maximum comfort and as well as keeping water out, it will ensure your moisture is able to escape to keep you cool and dry.

Purchase snowboarding pants that fit you properly, are comfortable and suit the conditions that you will be boarding in. Ensure that the wind and snow are prevented from entering and that the pants have a design that matches your own personal taste.

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