Snowboarding and Skiboarding equipment worth buying before your first trip

Snowboarding and Skiboarding are fun and thrilling experience that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Having the right equipment is necessary before making the trip to the snow so you can maximise the fun, protect your body from the cold and ensure your safety when out on the snow.

Snowboard and Skiboards

If you intend to make snowboarding or Skiboarding regular leisure pursuit, it is worth buying your own snowboard or Skiboards. Your height, weight, sex and skill level are important considerations when purchasing your snowboard. Price and brand names are also elements to think about prior to the purchase.

Snowboarding boots and bindings

Snowboarding boots should be comfortable and be appropriately sized for the board that you have. The sole should provide a good grip and include a removable lightweight liner that can be washed.

The bindings that you buy will ensure that your feet, boots and snowboard are firmly attached together. Bindings can be either step in or strap on with step in bindings not needing as much adjustment.

Snowboarding jackets

When going out snowboarding, keeping warm and dry is important. Select a snowboard jacket that is waterproof, windproof, breathable, has pockets to keep items in and has a design that you like.

Snowboarding pants

Buy snowboarding pants that are warm, water resistant and contain zippered pockets to keep important items intact. The pants should be comfortable and somewhat loose so you are able to snowboard without feeling restricted.

Snowboarding gloves

Snowboarding gloves will protect your hands from exposure to the cold and ensure that they are warm and dry. You should purchase gloves that will cover the cuff of your jacket or be able to be worn under the jacket cuff to avoid snow entering in between the jacket and the glove. The gloves should also be comfortable and ensure that you are able to move easily.


Goggles are necessary for eye protection from the wind, sun, blowing snow and debris. Choose goggles that are well sealed and fit your face and your helmet properly. If you wear prescription glasses, some goggles will fit over them comfortably or some brands have the option to slip prescription eyeglass into the goggles.


Helmets will protect your head from major injury should you have a big fall. Buy one that fits your head properly, is comfortable, fits snugly and allows ventilation.

Many items of snowboarding equipment and apparel needs to be considered before you actually get up to the snow. It can be a costly layout however necessary so that the equipment lasts you a good number of seasons and makes your snowboarding experience a wonderful one.

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