5 tips for finding the best snowboard for 2020

Snowboarding is a sport that many people, particularly the younger generation, like to partake in during winter. The sport is a fun and thrilling experience at the snow.

Owning a personal snowboard is a desire that emerges once people have tasted snowboarding and then intend to make the sport a regular pursuit.

Five tips for finding the best snowboard for 2020 include:


A person’s height is an important element to consider when seeking a snowboard that will best match an individual. It is necessary to match the height of a person with the appropriate length of the snowboard. The board, when placed upright, should reach the nose or eyebrow level.

Shoe size

The width of a snowboard should suit the person’s shoe size so that the snowboard boots fits on the board properly. A snowboard should enable the feet to be secure and stable so once the board hits the snow, control and the ability to turn is effortless. It will also reduce toe and heel drag.


Snowboards can come in various types of flex so it is best to buy a board that matches the boarder’s personal preference. A stiffer board will give more advanced and aggressive boarders more stability whereas a softer flex is better for beginners so the board is easier to handle.


When it all comes down to it, the amount of money that a boarder has and is willing to spend, will affect the type of snowboard purchased. Generally, cheaper snowboards will be heavier and tend to have a simpler design. As the price range moves up, boarders will be lighter and be more elaborate in design. Boarders will learn more about features of a snowboard as they progress is skill level and may desire a more specific board to suit their needs.

Brand names

There are probably over 50 brands of snowboards available to choose from. It is best to do some research such as visiting local snowboard shops and asking their opinions and reading up on snowboarding magazines. Ask friends or acquaintances about their snowboards and why they picked that particular brand. Our recommendations are Burton, and WestBeach.

A snowboard is an investment with certain aspects that should be considered when buying a snowboard. Purchase one that suits the needs and requirements of the individual. There is no ‘best’ one fits all snowboard but one that is tailored to the height, shoe size, flex, price and brand preference of the snowboarder.

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